VFX Masterclass

2pm Sunday 18th Sept.

Learn how to achieve the impossible in this crash course in low budget visual effects from director and VFX artist Mike Holligan (Pott Street Pictures, QLD). Mike offers lessons from his 10+ years experience in indie moviemaking on how to make Hollywood-worthy VFX on a low budget!

From the film set to the big (or small) screen, Mike offers lessons from his 10+ years experience in indie moviemaking on how to create amazing-looking shots that will wow your audience, without the Hollywood price tag. For auteurs, aspiring animators and sci fi geeks alike, this workshop will teach you how to do the funnest things in film – make spaceships fly, blow things up and destroy national landmarks – all on your home PC!


2:00pm Sunday 18th September
DURATION - 60 mins
VENUE - Charles Darwin University Waterfront Campus