Stingray Sisters **SOLD OUT**

Featuring Q&A with special guests Alice, Noni and Grace Eather and Helen Djimbarrawala Williams

Born to an Aboriginal mother and a Caucasian father, Noni, Alice and Grace Eather (aka the Stingray Sisters) from Maningrida have always had to move between worlds and cultures. Negotiating challenges that most of us will never experience, this three-part documentary follows these Kunibidji women as they navigate the tricky terrain of young adulthood, being black in Australia, and standing up against the prospect of sea-bed mining in their traditional lands.

Entertaining, heart-wrenching and always surprising, award-winning filmmaker Katrina Channells opens up a window into life in a remote community, as audiences have never seen it.

7:15pm Friday 16th September
Premiere Festival Screening
2016 | Australia
| 90 mins | English and Ndjebbana with English subtitles
DIRECTOR - Katrina Channells
VENUE - Deckchair Cinema

If there’s one Australian reality series you should watch it’s this one... The crowd-funded series was shot over four years on a minuscule budget of $40,000 with the simple aim of offering viewers a rare insight into life in a remote Indigenous community

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