RIO 2096

Australian Premiere

Rio 2096 is set over four turbulent periods in Brazil’s history, from Portuguese settlement, to a dystopic future in which war is waged over water resources. This multi-award winning animated feature is narrated by an immortal hero, Abeguar, a native Indian charged with the job of protecting his people from evil.

Dying and taking on a new form in each episode of history, Abeguar reunites with his eternal love Janaína, with whom he shares a passion so strong and a bond so unbreakable, that neither time nor death can tear them apart.

Visually striking and carrying uncompromising political messages, this film takes in the depth and breadth of the violent side of Brazil’s history.

9:15pm Sunday 18th September
A story of Love & Fury
2013 | Brazil
| 98 mins | Portuguese with English subtitles
DIRECTOR - Luiz Bolognesi
VENUE - Deckchair Cinema

Brazil's history of subjugated peoples, environmentally dubious sprawl and violent resistance gets a mythic, politically forthright treatment

Robert Abele, LA Times
Best Feature, Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Best Animated Film; Best Special Effects, Cinema Brazil Grand Prize