Junction 48

Director Udi Aloni (Forgiveness) is known for his radical storytelling style. Junction 48 is a love story about two aspiring Palestinian hip hop artists, Kareem (real-life hip hop artist Tamer Nafar) and Manar. Set against the tense backdrop of the mixed Jewish-Arab suburb of Lod, just outside of Tel Aviv, Kareem and Manar dream of making music that will transcend the divided country they live in. When Kareem’s family is struck with tragedy while Kareem is out on the town with his hoodlum friends, everything changes. In the face of Israeli bigotry and a neighbourhood riddled with crime and drugs, the young lovers must overcome great hurdles if they are to survive.

Screening with NT short film Break the Cycle created at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.

9:15pm Saturday 17th September
2016 | Israel, Palestine
| 95 mins | Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles
DIRECTOR - Udi Aloni
VENUE - Deckchair Cinema

Setting the Israel-Palestine conflict to a
hip-hop soundtrack, Junction 48 is a local story with global resonance

Stephen Dalton; The Hollywood Reporter
Audience Award Berlin International Film Festival
Jury Award, Tribeca Film Festival