Zero Point

Art Exhibition @ Mayfair Gallery

 ‘ZERO POINT’ is a special art exhibition that explores the relationship between comics, storyboard art and animation, featuring the work of Darwin artist Jonathon Saunders.

The exhibition is based on Saunder’s ongoing digital web comic ‘Astounding Tales of Hero Fiction’ about the central character ZERO POINT – Australia’s first indigenous superhero. Set in Darwin and Melbourne, the series explores a world in which the Government has regulated super powered individuals, and has started using them as their own political pawns to round up refugees and maintain the status quo.

The exhibition will feature pages from the original comic, the written script and storyboards adapted for animations, showing the process of moving from the medium of sequential art to moving picture.


Opening night will feature a special script-reading of the first episode of the web series now being adapted from Saunders’ comic. Performed by local actors and directed by Philip Tarl Denson, the reading will be accompanied by video projected animatics from the comic.

OPENING NIGHT: 6pm Wednesday 14th September
CLOSING: Sunday 25th September
VENUE: Mayfair Gallery, 7 Harriet Place, Darwin City
OPENING HOURS: Wednesday – Saturday 12-6pm | Sunday 12-4pm

6:00pm Wednesday 14th September
VENUE - Mayfair Gallery, 7 Harriet Place, Darwin City