The Matrix

Virtual Reality Cinema

THE MATRIX exists as a Virtual Reality Cinema, a pop-up venue during DIFF 2016. At the venue, Darwin audiences will be able to experience cutting edge virtual reality technology through VR goggles for the very first time. Rent goggles and immerse yourself in any of dozens of virtual reality films and 360 video documentaries carefully curated by the film festival.

Plus – purchase your very own goggles at the venue and take VR home with you!

OPENING HOURS: 3pm – 9pm Monday to Saturday
CLOSING: Sunday 25th September
VENUE: 17 Knuckey St, Darwin City

Also, watch out for the Pop Up Virtual Reality Pods that will be moving around town during DIFF.

6:00pm Friday 16th September
DURATION - 10 days mins
VENUE - 17 Knuckey St, Darwin City