ReelOzInd! Film Festival

ReelOzInd! is the first short film competition to bring Australian and Indonesian filmmakers together to share their work and stories in the same forum.

Though we are close neighbours, Australians and Indonesians know little about each other. But we also know that Australians and Indonesians want to get to know each other better and that we share a great sense of humour and passion for creativity.

ReelOzInd! aims to give filmmakers from both cultures the opportunity to share stories away from the stereotypes, headlines and political drama!

ReelOzInd! Australia Indonesia Short Film Competition and Festival seeks to raise awareness and improve understanding between the peoples of both countries.

It offers a platform for Australians and Indonesians to tell stories by way of this most compelling and creative medium, short film.

Darwin International Film Festival is proud to host the ReelOzInd! competition finalists as part of its national tour.

Shorts from the ReelOzInd film competition.
CTC | approx 120 mins | English & Indonesian with English subtitles
Multiple Directors

VENUE: Deckchair Cinema

7:30pm Sunday 25th September
DURATION - 120 mins
VENUE - Deckchair Cinema